Jubilemus omnes


Composer: Peter Hallock
Duration: Approx. 8.5 minutes

An extended anthem for ATB men’s voices and five violoncellos. The waltz-inspired work is especially appropriate for Easter or Advent.

Audio recording taken from What Hand Divine, recorded by The Compline Choir, Seattle, Washington, in 2015. Used by permission.

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Jubilemus omnes una Deo nostro qui creavit, creavit omnia, per quem condita sunt saecula, coelum quod purima luce coruscat, versa sidera; sol mundi schema noctium decus luna, cunctaque splendentia, mare, solum, alta, plana et profunda flumina; aeris ampla spatia quediscurrunt aves venti adque pluvia venti. Haec simul cuncta tibi soli Deo Patri militant, nunc et in aevum sine fine, per saecula: Laus eorum tua gloria: Qui pro salute nostra Prolem unicam, pati in terra misisti sine culpa, sed ob nostra delicta. Sancta Trinitas precamur ut corpora nostra et corda regas et protegas et donas peccatorum veniam, amen.

—From an 11th century French-Roman Missal

Translation by Jason A. Anderson
Let us sing together to our God, who made all things and who created time. Who made the sky, and filled it with much light and with the different stars—Who made the sun, for the world’s finery: the moon, the grace of night, and all things shining: the sea, the land, the highlands, and the level places, and the deep rivers: the air, whose open distances birds, in their flights, and winds traverse, and showers of rain. O, all these things together, God, our Father, are marshaled under thy command: now, and for ever, and never an end to their service, world without end! Their praise is thy glory. Who, for our salvation, didst send to earth, to suffer, guiltless, burdened for our sins, thine only Son, thee, Holy Trinity, we pray to rule and guard our souls and bodies and grant us pardon for our sins. Amen.