Copyright and Use Permissions

This information is provided for those who purchased The Ionian Psalter prior to December 31, 2020. To purchase the Psalter, click here.

The Electronic Version of The Ionian Psalter is protected under international copyright law. Usage of this material other than as provided for here is prohibited without prior written consent of IONIAN ARTS, Inc. Contact information appears below.

Required copyright notice

The following notice MUST appear on the first page of all printed material from the Electronic version, and below any antiphons re-engraved or scanned and included in printed or downloadable service bulletins:

Psalm #:V-V by Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014)
From The Ionian Psalter, Electronic Version
Copyright © 2007 IONIAN ARTS, Inc. • Reprinted with permission.

The purchaser:

  • Must report all usage—including reprint and podcast/livestream—in a timely manner through ONE LICENSE.
  • May print congregational refrains or inserts in service leaflets as needed, provided the required copyright notice is included and reprint usage is reported through ONE LICENSE.
  • May print out antiphon organ accompaniment files as needed. You may assemble a “Book of Antiphon Accompaniments” for your own use if this will be of assistance.
  • May print out choral settings of the psalms for distribution to choristers. See General Information for instructions on local adaptations.
Under no circumstance is the purchaser of the Electronic Version allowed to sell any of the material to another party for use. The material provided here is for the exclusive use of the purchasing institution.

This page updated January 1, 2021.