General Information

The Function of the Ionian Psalter

The Ionian Psalter is a collection of gradual psalms to be sung following the first reading (most often from the Old Testament) in the Eucharistic Liturgy. They function as a musical response to that reading and provide a refrain (antiphon), which is to be sung by the entire assembly, and choral verses which serve to illuminate the meaning of the text. The psalm settings rarely use more than four pairs of verses with antiphons inserted between each pair. Although intended for the Eucharistic Liturgy, it is also possible to use these psalms for sung services of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline. If a Gloria Patri is required for such use, the purchaser is encouraged to use a generic chant style one or to adapt the formula of the choral verses to that text. Gloria Patri has been provided for some of the canticles included in The Ionian Psalter.

Adapting the Ionian Psalter for Your Use

Since these psalms were originally composed, there have been numerous changes made to “official” lectionaries and translations of the psalter. With some frustration, we have decided not to provide for these many options. Thus you will not find lectionary designations on any of the material. The purchaser is encouraged to adapt the particular psalm selections to their situation. Several different settings of the same psalm may appear here. Select the one which you deem most appropriate for that Sunday or Feast Day. Many churches have adopted a more gender inclusive translation of the psalms.

The purchaser is granted permission to adapt The Ionian Psalter settings accordingly—provided that the purchaser sends a digital copy of the adaption to us via email and places the following notice on all materials that are changed from the original:
Psalm/Canticle #:V-V by Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014), adapt. Your Name (b. YEAR)
Adapted from The Ionian Psalter, Electronic Version
Copyright © 2007 by IONIAN ARTS, Inc. • Reprinted by permission.

Because you are making an arrangement or adaption of our original, IONIAN ARTS, Inc. retains the copyright. As such, you may not sell or distribute any adaptations to others without prior written consent from the publisher.

A Word About the Revised Common Lectionary

Although there has been widespread acceptance of the Revised Common Lectionary 1992 by the major liturgical denominations in the United States, Canada, England and Australia, each denomination has adopted its own “particular” version of the RCL. It has not been possible for us to provide for these “custom” versions of each lectionary. As a result, there will be some psalms in your lectionary that are not provided for here. In addition, the RCL has greatly lengthened the number of verses included. Frequently a 20-plus verse psalm is specified to follow a reading of only 5 or 6 verses. We feel this is a distortion of the “function of the gradual psalm” as a sung response to the first reading (see above), and thus have not provided for the lengthening of the psalms. However, the purchaser is granted permission to adapt The Ionian Psalter settings accordingly—provided the above “Adapting the Ionian Psalter for Your Use” procedure is followed.