I am Wisdom


Composer: Peter Hallock

For SSA or treble voices, harp, and organ. Recording from Draw On Sweet Night provided courtesy the Byrd Ensemble.

I am Wisdom – PDF preview

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I Am Wisdom (1984, rev. 2005), by Peter Hallock, is scored for three-part treble voices, harp, and organ, and was written for an Advent Procession and performed after the first reading (Ecclesiasticus 24). At the opening, organ and harp descend as treble voices combine to give Wisdom her voice (in F minor). The music following creates a sonic landscape evocative of mists, mountains, and clouds. When Wisdom finds her resting place in Jerusalem, a thunderous C major chord sounds and Wisdom pleads “Come to me, obey me.” The work ends as it began, with organ and harp recalling the descending motive, finally resting in A major.

I am Wisdom. I come forth from the Most High. I cover the earth like a mist I dwell in the highest mountains. My throne is a pillar of cloud, the vault of heaven is mine. I have a resting place, in that Jerusalem. Come to me, obey me. Those who obey me will be free from sin. Those who follow me will not go astray.
— Ecclesiasticus 24, adapted by Peter Hallock